Monthly Archive: March, 2011

I am many things, including confused

I hope everyone enjoyed Jordan’s guest post yesterday! Was it the best or was it the best? If you have an idea for a post or snap a picture of a terrible tattoo,… Continue reading

Guest Blog: Jordan knows bugs better than I do

Today’s post comes to us by way of Resident MVP of the Comments, Jordan. If you read the comments, you are probably already his fourth biggest fan (gotta leave room for his girlfriend,… Continue reading

tweet, tweet

When in doubt, put a bird on it! Did you see this arm before? I didn’t, but now there’s a bird on it! Her arm gets a free pass for reminding me of… Continue reading

don’t go alone, go with a friend!

Hey Tramps! Remember this guy, who clearly didn’t have any friends? Well, I’m a real peach so I found him a friend on the internet! Chest-self-portrait-guy, meet ass-self-portrait-guy. I hope you two will… Continue reading

1 out of 4 isn’t so bad

I truly don’t understand how this tattoo got so fucked up. If can’t remember that the North and South were in a civil war (NO BIG DEAL, GUYZ) and that the East and… Continue reading

Gumby Died For Your Sins

Okay, you might be thinking. So, Gumby’s a cool, old-timey kinda fella. and sure, that’s a fairly detailed scene with some nice Biblical details up in it (I’m looking at you, spear), but… Continue reading

the opposite of meta

Seriously, is this the laziest tattoo in the entire world? This is the tattoo you get when you lose a bet and neither you nor your friends nor your tattoo artist have any… Continue reading

“I wish I were Rosemarie’s Baby”

I don’t know which is worse – that this stupid fuck got a devil tail tattooed from his ass to his ankle, or the fact that the tail he got tattooed on his… Continue reading

Meloni could totally put his cross in me

Hey guys, it’s your favorite thing – a Jebus tattoo! Plus, it’s on a legit, non-rapping celebrity! I’d say bitchy shit because G-O-D but it’s pretty interesting for a God tattoo – it’s… Continue reading

apple tramps

So this is pretty shitty, right? Hold up, because this is my favorite part: Great minds think alike. Verdict: not fuckable