Monthly Archive: July, 2010

tweet tweet hoot hoot

You know what I really like? Birds. So guess what you can look forward to seeing a whole lot more of on this blog? Mother fucking birds. In this installment of BIRDS ON… Continue reading

um, those go IN you not ON you.

You know what isn’t sexy? McDonald’s. Verdict: not fuckable.

body beautiful

Apparently, this tattoo is based on a sketch by the artist whose work inspired Lilo and Stitch, the tattoo artist inked this on her husband as practice, and I think it is kind… Continue reading

maybe the best way to get laid

Ladies, which is worse, the smacking or the socks? It might almost be a toss up for me. Verdict: not fuckable

oh crap.

Too late, buddy – a tattoo artist already took a shit on your arm. Verdict: not fuckable

Femi nist

This tattooed musician was submitted by a reader (heyyy B!) with the caption: “This one screams put it in me.” Well, yes. Verdict: totes fuckable.