Monthly Archive: February, 2010


(201): She got a tattoo in memory of her cat, my attratcion to her is no more. Thanks, Texts From Last Night, but I think I need to see the tattoo before I… Continue reading

a couple too many

Dude. Pick one, for the love of god (or maybe not for his love since you’re probably not into that). Here at Stamp Tramps, we are all about vices and vaguely self-destructive behavior,… Continue reading

In the distant future…

Dude, how much time do you have on your hands? I think you have too much time and you could use a hobby. You seem to like sci-fi and sleek, reptilian things. Great.… Continue reading


Please double-check spelling prior to having a cliche etched onto your body. Also: tattooing a saying over your beer belly will not camouflage or distract from the fact that you have a beer… Continue reading

Geek Love

Photosynthesis FTW. More geek tats, plz. Verdict: Totes fuckable

Tattoo + Natural Deformity = Wonderful

This is brilliant. A sense of humor? Why yes, we will take that. You, ma’am, are a winner. Verdict: Totes fuckable

Nipple Tattoos Are Not Your Friend

On the one hand, there is [usually] something to be said for originality. On the other hand, you have like 9 nipples tattooed on your chest. You know those are permanent, right? Verdict:… Continue reading