Monthly Archive: June, 2010

emotionally overcompensating

Well, Brenda definitely knows that you either love her or you’re super crazy and do spontaneous, stupid things to your back with ink. Spontaneous, stupid things. Wow. Brenda. You are such a lucky… Continue reading

diddle a fiddle. make your own inappropriate pun.

I’m not saying I’d go gay for it, but yeah, I think that’s playable. Creative, unique, and it shows a sense of her own body and how best to accessorize and accentuate it.… Continue reading

Cullen back

Much like this, the tattoo that spawned/necessitated this blog, this is horrific and it must be judged. I hope that like Stephen Baldwin’s Miley Cyrus tattoo, this involved a 14-year-old girl anda lack… Continue reading


Things I like about this tattoo: camels are super cute (when they aren’t spitting on you) self-awareness is pretty great colors! they’re sort of nice and stuff Things that are not great about… Continue reading

sometimes the description of the tattoo makes the tattoo

The owner of this tattoo claims it of a dog getting a divorce. Does this look like a dog getting a divorce to me? Um, no, not really. On the other hand, I’m… Continue reading

somone put a ring pop on it

Fact: if you were born in the 80’s, you probably love ring pops and have warm, fuzzy memories about eating them in your childhood. I was born in the 80’s. Thinking about ring… Continue reading

Life is Pain…

… and so is unintentionally causing your own celibacy. Seriously, dude, the bruised dripping gash thing? Not so hot. Hope you can learn to enjoy servicing yourself for the rest of your life.… Continue reading


Things I’m not into: bugs people trying to make 3-D happen Verdict: not fuckable