Monthly Archive: November, 2011

how to tell strangers you’re easy just by showing them your tattoo

Ugh. I’ve said my piece about ‘I’m so desperate you could totally just plug that in me anytime‘ tattoos, so I’m going to skip that and simply say GOD that is a horrible… Continue reading

attack of the fingerstache tattoos

Fun fact: I have been waiting so long for it to be Movember so I could post this and pretend it was topical! Just why was I waiting for this tattoo to be… Continue reading

Yet Another Truly Dreadful Twilight-Inspired Tattoo

Well, yikes. We’ve featured some facepalm-inducing Twilight-inspired tattoos in the past, but DAMN, WOMAN. What were you thinking??? THERE’S A MAN WHO WILL IMPREGNATE YOU WITH A CREATURE THAT WERE LITERALLY CLAW IT’S… Continue reading