Monthly Archive: April, 2010

do not do me

Let’s play a game! It’s called finish his to do list! Here are some options to help you get started: Things he will probably be able to eventually cross off his list someday,… Continue reading

I don’t think that means what you think that means

I think her giant, unrestrained breasts might get in the way of effectively wielding a scythe. She should probably cut one off for maximum potential, like an Amazon. Alas, but this woman is… Continue reading

my little what the fuck

It’s the radioactive signal that really brings this one together. It’s like my childhood was shipped off to Chernobyl and dropped in the sea after being bit by the same spider that bit… Continue reading

STDs are very little fun

If this is an exercise in creative ways to tell people you’ve fisted that you gave them an STD, I like my idea of baking someone a cake better. Everyone likes cake. Everyone… Continue reading


I cannot pretend that I understand this tattoo completely, but I am sort of into that. I feel certain that there is some sort of story leading up to this tattoo, even if… Continue reading