Monthly Archive: January, 2011

so apparently swastikas made out of genitalia are a thing?

Remember the penis swastika we featured earlier this month? Turns out it’s part of a fucking epidemic, people. Seriously, why is this a thing? There should not be more than one tattoo of genitalia in the… Continue reading

oh come on T-Pain, serious UGH

UGH. Someone start a tumblr for rappers with shitty tattoos already.  

Missy’s the shit, so take a big whiff

FULL DISCLOSURE: this is my friend’s tattoo. Posits based almost nearly purely on this tattoo: this person is a badass don’t like their tattoo? they probably wouldn’t give a fuck because you’re an… Continue reading

‘check this out’ of the day

Thanks to Tessa Darling for sending in this, which is chock full of amazing, NSFW (or anywhere else, really) vaginal tattooings.   There’s a lot of YIKES up in that shit.

kidz these days are so clever!

While I can’t necessarily say I disagree with the sentiment behind this tattoo, I can still say that I think you’re colossally stupid. You probably think this tattoo is really clever and your… Continue reading

irony today means embarrassment tomorrow

I understand the importance of a good font. ‘I love you’ in Comic Sans doesn’t really have the same emotional depth that Univers does. I have a couple of thoughts for you, as… Continue reading

ok, I demand you all look at this RIGHT NOW.

Hey guys. 2011 is getting nuttier and nuttier. Gucci Mane just got released from the loony bin and this is what he went out and did to his face: For an exploration into… Continue reading

you’re going to be sleeping under me for a while

  Happy New Year, all! Stamp Tramps is back with an inappropriate number of penises in the most appallingly inappropriate formation I could have imagined! This tattoo makes me want to rewatch Arrested… Continue reading