Monthly Archive: April, 2011

Parading Elephants Tattoos in a Post-Human Centipede World

This tattoo: reminds me of: and more specifically, this tattoo: So I guess the pros are elephants! Very excellent animals – they can pick things up with their trunks. You can sit on… Continue reading

I’m sorry, did you mistakenly tattoo that energy drink on your body?

Since we did an energy drink tattoo earlier this week, I figured now was as good a time as any to address this. Four Loko, you were maybe gone too soon. I don’t… Continue reading

I’m a Monster

Today’s tattoo is a joint effort, primarily brought to you by Commenting MVP Jordan . Tweet him your thanks. What follows is an impeccably researched, 100% factual depiction of a real life monster of product placement. … Continue reading

Even more Sheen-themed Tattoos

There is so much Charlie Sheen going around these days, it’s hard to keep track. Y’all probably remember our first Charlie Sheen-themed tattoos post. We also tweeted about PopHangover’s Charlie Sheen WINNING tattoo collection (PS do… Continue reading

hand-y man

Based on your incredibly shitty tattoo, I know some things about you: where you fall on the ‘tits or ass’ question you have done things while drunk that you may or may not… Continue reading

is this a riddle?

Um, love your nail polish. Don’t get your tattoo. WTF is a lazy tit? Why did you include TM on this? You trademarked your tit as lazy? How is that a good thing?… Continue reading


YOUR NEXT WHAT? If you’re going to imply a question, fucking finish your thought you idiot. Oh, what’s that?  You didn’t mean to ask a question? Is it possible your tattoo is grammatically incorrect? Oh,… Continue reading

Oh sure, this makes perfect sense to me

What the fuck is this bullshit? See a shrink, man. Verdict: not fuckable

Q & A time

Q:  A: uh, no. There are some big concerns I have with fucking animals: bestiality is not only kind of gross and stuff, but also, animals can’t give consent, which breaks the fundamental rule… Continue reading


Gotta love that, right guys? One the one hand, you have a giant Mother Mary on your body. On the other hand, you are self-aware enough to know that would be stupid and… Continue reading