Monthly Archive: February, 2011

now that’s what I call getting hung on a cross

So, not to get all religulous on you, but I have read the Bible and my high school memory tells me that at least 1 of the 4 gospels said Jesus died between… Continue reading

special introduction: the lowlbster

Apparently, this individual thinks that the lowlsbter – half owl, half lobster, all stupid – is going to join a illustrious list of imaginary animals: jackalope – part rabbit, part deer crocoduck –… Continue reading


  Well, you certainly can’t bend that over a table and take it. Was this etched into his back by a kindergartner? Seriously. I can’t possibly suspend disbelief that the face on this… Continue reading

save me, Jebus!

I thought we’d go ahead and start our Jebus off with the classiest tattoo I could find. Aside from rocking the shocker, this little cartoon Jesus is kind of rad, right? I’m a… Continue reading

the results are in!

…and it looks like baby Jebus has it, with owls and flying things coming in at a close second. I’ve stocked up on a bunch of both, so beginning next we’ll be getting… Continue reading

Quick Poll

Hey, you crazy kidz! You may have noticed a slowing down of posts lately. I’ve been organizing my massive, ever-growing tat collection. Before I start slamming y’all with the ‘gahhhs, the ‘ughs’ and… Continue reading

rule: no depictions of oral sex in your tattoos

Confession: I’ve been on a kick lately, collecting pictures of tattoos depicting oral sex acts. I can basically make this a¬†reoccurring¬†UGH y’all. First up: depictions of women eating other women out are not… Continue reading

pain, pride, and lifetime embarrassment

Things this tattoo is right about: pain is, in fact, a temporary sensation in that it only lasts as long as the underlying cause lasts. Things this tattoo is wrong about: chronic pain… Continue reading