Monthly Archive: December, 2010

most or least self-aware hipster ever?

Look kid, I’m not saying you’re ugly or something, but MAN, this is the ultimate narcissism. You can’t possibly tell me that there was seriously¬† no point in time during the creation and… Continue reading

Merry Christmas From the Misfits

Few things about Christmas are sacred – it’s all big lights, candy canes, presents you probably don’t need, and holiday-themed promos and food items at chain stores. In a season of moderately heartless… Continue reading

would you pat this bookworm on the head?

Too much innuendo for one post title?   Let’s break these books down in a critical, marginally rude way, shall we? Perks: I’m going to assume this refers to The Perks of Being… Continue reading

oh man, but I would not pet that pussy

  Fact: I love cats. I am obsessed with my roommate’s cats because they’re fluffy and soft and cuddly and cruel to be kind and the noise they make when they’re licking wet… Continue reading

if you seek lyrics that lack continuity

Let me start off by stating that I actively like many Britney Spears songs, like ‘Baby One More Time;’ ‘Toxic;’ ‘Slave 4 U.’ The lady has had some hits! Even ‘Gimme More’ and… Continue reading


WOW. Let me guess – no one understands you? You have a snide sense of sarcasm that you think no one else could possibly appreciate, except that girl who lets you share her… Continue reading