Monthly Archive: May, 2011

I love the internet a lot, but I would not tattoo it on me.

          I  have nothing to say here that I haven’t already said here. To recap, ugh and GOD just stop. Here’s my favorite Eurovision winner to cleanse your palette.  … Continue reading

the tattoo’s unfortunate answer to ‘2 girls 1 cup’

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present a very bad idea: I call this “one guy, one bowl.” What is happening here? To be fair, I like that there’s a lot of room for interpretation… Continue reading

le petit renard tattoo

This tattoo is a reference to Le Petit Prince – beloved French children’s book. It taught me about half of what very, very little french I know. The chapter about the fox is maybe… Continue reading

tattoo math

Maybe it’s lazy, but I believe today’s featured tattoo can best be summarized as the combination of two previously featured tattoos. + = Math – you saw it here first!

Perhaps the Lord Knows Why You Did This to Yourself

Happy Sunday, the holiest of non-holiday days. I thought I’d honor it in my own way by bringing some Jebus to Stamp Tramps. Is it just me, or do these faces look a… Continue reading

Guest Post: Got a Dolphin? Wrap it in Bacon!

Today’s blog comes from Jordan. Y’all have heard from him before, (like here and here).  If I had to smell that hairy armpit everyday, bound by demonic-tattoo magic to this inferior species, I… Continue reading

Is this Animal Hybrid Tattoo Horrifying or Snuggly?

Confession: I am not a squid-cat expert. However, I do really like cats. Squids are pretty cool – they can shoot ink and stuff and sometimes, they can basically fly underwater, which is… Continue reading

apologies – I am a lazy fuck

Dedicated readers will probably have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because I’ve been busy and also I am very lazy. Lazy and busy are a bad mix, but I… Continue reading

A Series of Fake Monologues Concerning Stormtrooper Tattoos

“Man, you know what I love? Star Wars. You know what else I love? Tits. Hot girls are the best. I also like glasses and bangs. And role-playing. Man, how hot would a… Continue reading

Is this the most adorable Cat tattoo ever?

Is there anything about this tattoo that is not adorable? Nope. I could make up stories about this cat for hours. Is he on his way to a costume party? Is he a… Continue reading