Monthly Archive: October, 2010

you really need to reevaluate what you put on your body

  Firstly, if you have to spell out the point of the tattoo, it means it’s a crummy tattoo. Also WRONG in this tattoo: stick figures stick figures doing it a stick figure… Continue reading

does your tattoo artist know they’re the reason why you get laid?

This is a seriously pedantic tattoo but a seriously gorgeous finished product. On the basis of pretty, I’m leaning towards fuckable. Here’s my reason for possibly holding out: in my experience, all the… Continue reading

internet memes: hilarious, but ultimately a poor idea for a tat

So, first let’s all take a moment to remember how funny that base thing was. Okay, great. You know what other things on the internet I love? The Double Rainbow Sad Keanu Fucking… Continue reading

even if I liked your face, I’d hate your tattoo

  I sympathize with this sentiment. Cheese is great. I want it on everything, all the time. It would make me blissfully happy. Sometimes, I just sit around fantasizing about going to Wisconsin… Continue reading

reason #1,482,782,386,209 why you shouldn’t tattoo trendy shit on your body

Man, you are soooo going to regret this when vampires aren’t cool anymore. This shit is like an age progression of what the vampire-child that ate its way out of  Bella’s uterus in… Continue reading

Hoo Promised More Owls?

  A while back, I promised more owls, more often. Then I failed to follow through.  Whoops. I’ve had this adorable little owl on my desktop for what feels like ages, just waiting… Continue reading

not my favorite kind of chicken breast, but whatevs

    Pros: very colorful. I like colors – they’re bright and engaging. Cons: You have a bird with boobs expelling a human fetus from its crotch on your back. This is full… Continue reading