Monthly Archive: March, 2010

A+ for Implied Incest

I would like to dedicate this post to Aubrey, Lauren, and Jon. I’m going to out myself right now as a Star Wars nerd. When I say I really liked Star Wars as… Continue reading


Hey, you were in a frat in college? That’s so cool, man. You’re in a band? Fuck yeah! I’m just gonna go pound this empty beer can against my head now. I know… Continue reading

The Humans Are Dead

That’s ‘geek’ in binary code. Supposedly. I don’t do that whole “I get computers and I am very knowledgeable about them” thing. I am however, fully willing to take this person’s word for… Continue reading

Whoops, That’s Your Boyfriend?

I think the real travesty here is not the obvious misspelling, but rather that said misspelling is so prominently displayed that no one will ever be able to miss it. Whoops, but enjoy… Continue reading

Either Way You (and by you I mean we all) Lose

Well shit. Is that Maggie from LOST or Calista Flockhart? I don’t know, I don’t care. Either way, we all lose when we see this on your arm. Keep your wet dreams about… Continue reading

bodily functions happen

Whoops, but you got a tattoo of poop peppered with corn kernels. I salute your openness to poop (spoiler: everybody poops, it’s awesome). I also see this arm fisting me oh, NEVER. Verdict:… Continue reading

Wow, you’re so meta

Things that are not sexy about this photo–> it calls to mind this Beavis and Butt-Head joke:Butt-Head: I’ll get a tattoo of a butt. Beavis: I’ll get a tattoo of a butt *on*… Continue reading

Mama like

I was inclined to rate this tattoo unfavorably, but Speculations for Schoolboys swayed me with this important point: that tattoo will only get more adorable with age. Most tattoos have a certain age… Continue reading

No banana for you.

This tattoo is well done, and I do appreciate the evolutionary implication, but consider this: that monkey will be staring intently, unblinking eyes and all, at anyone that man would ever, um, grace… Continue reading

Oh, we’re all "juge"ing.

So young, and such a (as the site where we found this gem implies) shitty tattoo to be stuck with for the rest of your life… gentle reader, let’s examine — critical typo… Continue reading