Monthly Archive: March, 2011

if you build it, they will cum

I blew my wad on the post title, guys. Verdict: I love me some robots, but man, is this not fuckable.

too much Sheen

So, last week, my boyfriend told me he was sick of Charlie Sheen jokes. “How can you possibly be sick of Charlie Sheen jokes?” I asked. “He’s endlessly quotable! They’re hilarious!” Then I… Continue reading

happy birthday, Mr. President

My sources tell me this is a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. I’m glad they specified because I’d have no fucking clue without the name of this jpeg file and a heads up from… Continue reading

truth in advertising?

I’m basically submitting this without commentary because there is no way I can top the irony of this girl’s ugh: I hear practice makes perfect. Take Aaliyah’s advice, oh sad tattooed girl: I… Continue reading

kill fuck marry

Let’s play a fun game – kill fuck marry with three unbearably similar tattoos! Contestant 1: Contestant 2: Contestant 3: I’d say fuck these bitches – leave them all! I don’t want to… Continue reading