stop tattooing my childhood around your genitalia

I’ve had these saved on my computer for months under NOPE and OH FUCK NO, for obvious reasons. YOU KNOW WHERE’S WALDO IS A CHILDREN’S CHARACTER, RIGHT?? Like, what were you doing when… Continue reading

how to look extremely desperate with only three tattooed letters

Oh girl. You could have told people that in so many less offensive, less permanent ways.   Verdict: not fuckable

Brony Tattoos 101

So, Bronies. The best? They’re the best. For those of you who don’t already know what I’m talking about (or just aren’t as well-informed as Mr. President Bill Clinton) ┬áplease take the time… Continue reading

Horrible Tramp Stamp #1509872

                Nope. Nope. You are very close here, but very, very wrong. Sorry. Your tattoo is gross.   Verdict: not fuckable  

his & her tattoos for the couple with poor taste

Well, that’s pretty shitty and ughhhhhh. I hate to have to tell you this on the internet, but if you have to tattoo that on yourself over your penis, you/it are not god’s… Continue reading

how do you typo a tattoo when it’s already written out for you?

So, say you’ve got this quote that’s just really stuck with you. It means a lot to you, so much that you think, I should put this on my body, permanently. That way,… Continue reading

please make sure you’ve picked the right homophone before tattooing it on your body

Here’s a brief grammar lesson: homophone: a word that is pronounced the same way as another word but spelled completely differently. example: plane/plain, accept/except, pray/prey, new/knew, etc Why do I bring this up?… Continue reading

please stop tattooing the internet on your body

PEOPLE. How many times do I have to beg you, “DO NOT KEEP PUTTING MEMES ON YOUR BODY.” (Related to this tattoo: how long has it been since you played this? Like, 10… Continue reading

this is a fittingly incomprehensible tattoo

I don’t math, so I maybe I just don’t have the right mind for a true appreciation of this tattoo: I kind of don’t care that I don’t understand most of this tattoo… Continue reading

celebrating your country on your body

Happy 4th of July! I’d like to think that the anniversary of our country puts some things into perspective, like what’s important. As John Adams wrote, The second day of July, 1776, will… Continue reading