a political tattoo post

Oh fuck you. I was going to quit there, but I started drinking a beer after skipping dinner and now┬áI have a lot of feelings. Look, Ron Paul is certainly not the worst… Continue reading

finally, a non-parading elephant tattoo

Remember that one time there was a super cute elephant tattoo but it kind of reminded us of the human centipede and made our insides feel kind of squirrelly? Well, finally there’s an… Continue reading

don’t let ledgendary spelling mistakes sneak into your tattoo

Apparently, so do your spelling mistakes. On the upside, I’ve been praying I’d have a reason to use my ‘put down the flat iron you’re not Pete Wentz’ tag again. Thanks, Ledgend.  … Continue reading

Don’t Tattoo This on Your Body #148729

Yikes. So that’s there now – it’s a part of you. AND YOU SHAVED YOUR EYEBROWS FOR THIS – somehow, that’s what makes me want to mouth-vom the most. I’m sure this girl… Continue reading

tattoos you shouldn’t put on your hand

Yeah, I do not want that groping my breasts. Thanks, but no thanks. Verdict: not fuckable

how to tell strangers you’re easy just by showing them your tattoo

Ugh. I’ve said my piece about ‘I’m so desperate you could totally just plug that in me anytime‘ tattoos, so I’m going to skip that and simply say GOD that is a horrible… Continue reading

attack of the fingerstache tattoos

Fun fact: I have been waiting so long for it to be Movember so I could post this and pretend it was topical! Just why was I waiting for this tattoo to be… Continue reading

Yet Another Truly Dreadful Twilight-Inspired Tattoo

Well, yikes. We’ve featured some facepalm-inducing Twilight-inspired tattoos in the past, but DAMN, WOMAN. What were you thinking??? THERE’S A MAN WHO WILL IMPREGNATE YOU WITH A CREATURE THAT WERE LITERALLY CLAW IT’S… Continue reading

A Quickie

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – I’ve been on the sick side, which has really slowed down my posting. I promise there will still be posts trickling in the next few… Continue reading

wrapping headphones around your poor decisions won’t make your tattoo look any better

Let’s go through the possible readings of this tattoo based on the way they’ve laid these words out: You are the Best Ever Thing Happened to me You are the Best EverThing Happened… Continue reading