Let’s talk about tattooing vaginas on your arm

It’s time for another rousing game of kill fuck marry! Contestant 1: Contestant 2: Contestant 3: Look. I’m just going to come out and say it – if you’re tattooing vaginas on your… Continue reading

just another Disney-themed tattoo

Look, I’m just going to cut to the chase here – you should have gone to a better tattoo artist. This is embarrassing. I mean, do you really think this guy: looks like… Continue reading

This tattoo has been brought to you by the year 2007

Look. I’m not going to quibble that LOST circa season 2 – 3 was fairly awesome – LOST didn’t suck yet and although a lot of us had our doubts that the writers… Continue reading

So this is just the best and I demand you read it right now

Spoiler: this shit is not real. Look, I kind of don’t care, ok? It’s hilarious, and besides – it’s not like there’s any shortage of incredibly awful, poorly thought out tattoos! All the… Continue reading

tattoo some J-dawg in your mouth

You know you have Jesus in your mouth, right? That’s almost as weird as transubstantiation. Luckily for you, lip tattoos only last one to five years. Verdict: not fuckable

tattoos for those who love being in love

So, Happy Valentine’s Day I guess? I was going to start this ‘holiday’ season off with a long-winded post about how people represent such an important emotion in tattoos, but then I started… Continue reading

when you tattoo words on your body, order matters

Look, the average English speaker reads left to right. When they reach the end of one line, all the way to the right, they start over on the line below on the lefthand… Continue reading

your badass Jesus tattoo for the day

Thanks, Redneck Jesus! I was always hoping I’d hear that from you, especially after all those footprints in the sand poems I’ve endured in e-cards from family friends. I dig the Father/Cross tattoo… Continue reading

this tattoo is my nightmare

In recent Stamp Tramp news, we now have a Facebook page so you can like us and get our updates through your newsfeed or keep getting our updates in your Google Reader or via email or… Continue reading

what’s worse than getting DRAKE tattooed on your forehead?

I think we all remember this fiasco. What’s worse than shaving your eyebrows off to get DRAKE tattooed on your forehead? Tattooing the face of someone who shaved their eyebrows to get DRAKE… Continue reading