sweet fish, dude

Greetings! This week marks an important (and frankly, totally shocking) milestone: 80,000 views. We’re actually closer to 90 now, but I’m slow and we haven’t quite hit that mark yet. I’m planning on doing… Continue reading

I object to your objectivism tattoo

I really like books. A lot. In middle school and high school, I was always the kid who thought some stuffy book my class hated was amazing and never minded spending hours wading… Continue reading

oh shit, get your towels ready

I’m sorry it’s been so long, guys! I went on vacation and forgot to set up posts before I left (because I’m a lazy asshole). It’s Memorial Day Weekend (aka my favorite weekend… Continue reading

poor penis tattoos part 2

It seems like just yesterday we were discussing the myriad of ways people ink penises on them. Let’s continue that discussion today and examine a few more of the terrible penis-related things people seem… Continue reading

poor penis tattoos part 1

This is going to take a while. I didn’t want to do this, but mankind hasn’t given me much of a choice. There’s no tasteful way to do this. We need to sit… Continue reading

let’s talk about tattooing the serenity prayer on yourself

Let’s chat about the Serenity Prayer, shall we? You probably already know the whole thing: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I… Continue reading

this tattoo may have walked out of your childhood nightmares

What the fuckery is this bullshit on this ass?? I tried googling this just about every way I could think of, but I couldn’t find anything on the big wide internet that helped… Continue reading

truth in tattooing

Here’s the thing about this tattoo – it’s not untrue. The Star Trek movie was okay. I can’t argue with that! Here’s the other thing though – is ‘okay’ really worth tattooing yourself? If… Continue reading

tattooing the shocker on your body – just say no

You know there’s no way to take that off when you go to work, right? Like, every time you go to shake someone’s hand in an interview, they’ll be greeted with STINK PINK… Continue reading

your tattoo win for the day: cupcakes and dinosaurs

Oh DinoCake confection, let me count the ways you thrill me: dinosaurs dinosaurs with teeth!! T-rex! tiny tiny T-rex arms! delicious cupcake perfectly frosted cupcake shit’s got a cherry on top What’s not… Continue reading