I’m pretty sure looking at this tattoo is like being on acid

To my few readers, I’m really sorry for the lack of posts lately…moving across the country kind of took it out of me, and then I found myself feeling a little uninspired by the plethora of penis tattoos and other ridiculous tattoos sitting in the ‘To Blog” folder on my computer – there’s a lot of this:

and not a lot that made me want to take a closer look? Sure, your NSFW Tinkerbell is basically vomit-inducing in its ineptitude of design and creativity, but sometimes you just want to look at something that takes a real risk; something that makes you pause and study it and want to applaud whomever had the audacity to envision it or bring it to life. Super Duper Slutty Tinkerbell can be immediately relegated to the ‘not fuckables’ category – it’s pretty cut and dry and GOD but Tinkerbell’s wings should not look like fucking leaves that fell off the bush in a second grader’s drawing. Hell, who am I kidding – it’s much worse than a second grader’s drawing a leaf – second graders probably have a lot more respect for color and dimension and realism and shading than whoever inked this.

Anyways, onto the good – below is a tattoo that has quite a bit more vision than Super Duper Slutty Tinkerbell.

No, it’s not your monitor or your internet connection – what you’re seeing, that warping of the perspective – that’s all the work of this incredible greyscale tattoo by Zvaki, whose Slovenian tattoo shop website you can view here. It’s smart, it’s confusing, and it’s unusual and completely breathtaking.  Well done – it’s refreshing to be able to decree that something is “totes fuckable” with no reservations. The last time I did that was July 15. The internet’s a rough place – sometimes you just need a through palate cleanser.

Verdict: totes fuckable

Jimi Hendrix fans, what say you? Totes fuckable or do the eyes make your stomach feel a little queasy? Sound off below. I leave you with one of my personal favorite Jimi Hendrix live performances.