you’r vs you’re vs your – a study in idiocy

Well, someone here is doing great work.

I am legitimately not saying this to be an asshole, but this is really just not a good way to remember someone. I suppose the one scenario where this is a fitting memorial is when your friend had a terrible habit of always misspelling you’re and you thought it was hilarious so you went and tattooed it on yourself, or hey – maybe you just hate your friend.

This tattoo got me thinking – how many people have made this error and tattooed you’r on their bodies, as if that’s a word?

Evidently, shockingly few:

It’s too bad your friends couldn’t tell you what a terrible idea this was, and that your tattoo artist was either too stupid or just plain lazy to tell you how completely incorrect this is.

You’r apostrophe is superflous, ma’am.

No, I would prefer otherwise. Thank you.

I also found this one poor, unfortunate business in my internet ramblings:

It amused me.



Verdict: not fuckable