how do you typo a tattoo when it’s already written out for you?

So, say you’ve got this quote that’s just really stuck with you. It means a lot to you, so much that you think, I should put this on my body, permanently. That way, it’ll always be with me. It seems a little difficult to believe you might accidentally misquote it, right?

Now, let’s just say that the book you want to quote is one of the most printed books of all time. In fact, there are between 5 and 6 billion copies of it lying around. You’d think you could grab one pretty easily, right? Right.

I guess this young lady didn’t get the memo when she tried to tattoo Romans 12:9. Here, let me straight up quote that for you because no matter what translation you use, she’s sort of wrong. I’ve chose the New Living Translation because I think it’s the closest to what she was shooting for.

Don’t pretend to love others.Really love them.

Maybe you can see the issue here – you can’t just stick apostrophes everywhere. GRAMMAR DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

Additionally, as the submitter (the illustrious Q) said, “who the fuck is HP, Harry Potter?” INDEED. Google has not helped me at all. If you know why the fuck this quote is attributed to the mysterious “HP,” please shed some light on this surprisingly dark corner of the internet for the rest of us. We’re curious! We want to know! This is fucking ridiculous.

Verdict: not fuckable.