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LOL Nazis, man.

Oh sweet Jesus. I wish had a dollar for every time someone sent in a tattoo of a swastika – then I’d have enough money to buy a drink, which I could really use.… Continue reading

if you’re thinking of tattooing a bloody child on your body, please have the decency to stop yourself from actually doing it

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – I’ve been in the midst of preparing for a cross-country move and OOF does that take up a lot of time. You can expect more… Continue reading

when you find great advice write it on your body

Yo bro, thanks for the pro-tip.   Verdict: not fuckable

you’r vs you’re vs your – a study in idiocy

Well, someone here is doing great work. I am legitimately not saying this to be an asshole, but this is really just not a good way to remember someone. I suppose the one scenario where… Continue reading

would you like a Reese’s peanut britta cup [tattoo]?

God, this tattoo is like a mash-up of relatively – moderately good modern conveniences that no one cared enough about to put in more than a bare minimum of effort. Let me count… Continue reading

I object to your objectivism tattoo

I really like books. A lot. In middle school and high school, I was always the kid who thought some stuffy book my class hated was amazing and never minded spending hours wading… Continue reading

poor penis tattoos part 2

It seems like just yesterday we were discussing the myriad of ways people ink penises on them. Let’s continue that discussion today and examine a few more of the terrible penis-related things people seem… Continue reading

this tattoo may have walked out of your childhood nightmares

What the fuckery is this bullshit on this ass?? I tried googling this just about every way I could think of, but I couldn’t find anything on the big wide internet that helped… Continue reading

tattooing the shocker on your body – just say no

You know there’s no way to take that off when you go to work, right? Like, every time you go to shake someone’s hand in an interview, they’ll be greeted with STINK PINK… Continue reading

just another Disney-themed tattoo

Look, I’m just going to cut to the chase here – you should have gone to a better tattoo artist. This is embarrassing. I mean, do you really think this guy: looks like… Continue reading