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LOL Nazis, man.

Oh sweet Jesus. I wish had a dollar for every time someone sent in a tattoo of a swastika – then I’d have enough money to buy a drink, which I could really use.… Continue reading

a tale of two giving trees

  I know a lot of people love The Giving Tree, and I think I mostly understand that love – the idea of giving everything up for someone else is a pretty powerful… Continue reading

if you’re thinking of tattooing a bloody child on your body, please have the decency to stop yourself from actually doing it

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – I’ve been in the midst of preparing for a cross-country move and OOF does that take up a lot of time. You can expect more… Continue reading

when you find great advice write it on your body

Yo bro, thanks for the pro-tip.   Verdict: not fuckable

you’r vs you’re vs your – a study in idiocy

Well, someone here is doing great work. I am legitimately not saying this to be an asshole, but this is really just not a good way to remember someone. I suppose the one scenario where… Continue reading

would you like a Reese’s peanut britta cup [tattoo]?

God, this tattoo is like a mash-up of relatively – moderately good modern conveniences that no one cared enough about to put in more than a bare minimum of effort. Let me count… Continue reading

the many faces of tattoo Jesus

We’ve passed 100,000 views! A million zillion thanks to everyone who’s stopped by this ridiculous blog in their internet stumblings!  Jesus has always been a big favorite around these parts, so I thought… Continue reading

I object to your objectivism tattoo

I really like books. A lot. In middle school and high school, I was always the kid who thought some stuffy book my class hated was amazing and never minded spending hours wading… Continue reading

poor penis tattoos part 2

It seems like just yesterday we were discussing the myriad of ways people ink penises on them. Let’s continue that discussion today and examine a few more of the terrible penis-related things people seem… Continue reading

poor penis tattoos part 1

This is going to take a while. I didn’t want to do this, but mankind hasn’t given me much of a choice. There’s no tasteful way to do this. We need to sit… Continue reading