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tattooing the shocker on your body – just say no

You know there’s no way to take that off when you go to work, right? Like, every time you go to shake someone’s hand in an interview, they’ll be greeted with STINK PINK… Continue reading

This tattoo has been brought to you by the year 2007

Look. I’m not going to quibble that LOST circa season 2 – 3 was fairly awesome – LOST didn’t suck yet and although a lot of us had our doubts that the writers… Continue reading

tattoos for those who love being in love

So, Happy Valentine’s Day I guess? I was going to start this ‘holiday’ season off with a long-winded post about how people represent such an important emotion in tattoos, but then I started… Continue reading

tattoos you shouldn’t put on your hand

Yeah, I do not want that groping my breasts. Thanks, but no thanks. Verdict: not fuckable

attack of the fingerstache tattoos

Fun fact: I have been waiting so long for it to be Movember so I could post this and pretend it was topical! Just why was I waiting for this tattoo to be… Continue reading

I love the internet a lot, but I would not tattoo it on me.

          I  have nothing to say here that I haven’t already said here. To recap, ugh and GOD just stop. Here’s my favorite Eurovision winner to cleanse your palette.  … Continue reading

hand-y man

Based on your incredibly shitty tattoo, I know some things about you: where you fall on the ‘tits or ass’ question you have done things while drunk that you may or may not… Continue reading


YOUR NEXT WHAT? If you’re going to imply a question, fucking finish your thought you idiot. Oh, what’s that?  You didn’t mean to ask a question? Is it possible your tattoo is grammatically incorrect? Oh,… Continue reading

For Joyce

  Man, there a lot of hipster assholes out there getting owls tattooed on their hands. I like that this owl has some emotion and feeling – he’s a little angry; he’s got… Continue reading


True story: when I was in college I had a roommate for two years who was OBSESSED with Hanson. Obsessed as in, she not only had their ‘we were passé 4 years ago… Continue reading