this tattoo may have walked out of your childhood nightmares

What the fuckery is this bullshit on this ass?? I tried googling this just about every way I could think of, but I couldn’t find anything on the big wide internet that helped me make any sense of this tattoo. Hell, googling ‘Bambi half deer lobster’ brings up at least one too many results relating to deer penis soup, and ‘shrimp Bambi’ did not yield more fruitful results (although I did discover that this tattoo has been featured on other more established sites by funnier people than I).

In my efforts to further decode this terrifying mystery, I went to Bambi’s shirt.

At first I thought this was some sort of horrible faux houndstooth, but now I sort of think it looks like pieces of aliens from the game Galaga or maybe a super pixelated version of the Disney castle. In either case, I still don’t fucking have a clue what’s happening in this tattoo or why it’s on anyone’s ass.

What the fuck? I’ve tried to understand you Prawnbi, but I just can’t. YOU DEFY LOGIC AND GOOD TASTE. What life decisions could have possibly led to you? What a disaster.

Verdict: not fuckable

Since trying to comprehend this tattoo’s very existence gives me a fucking headache, here’s something simple and not terrifying that I will never cease to find comforting (hint: watch it with the sound up and wait for the stress to just melt away):